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Dr. Judlyn Telesford-Checkley

Judlyn is an entrepreneur and environmental scientist with over 15 years combined experience in waste management and climate change adaptation. She was born and raised in Grenada in a family that has been practicing sustenance farming for generations. One of her favourite hobbies includes container gardening; she takes pride in "growing what she eats". Judlyn is passionate about community development and stimulating growth through partnerships. Her vision for Grenada and other developing islands is self-sustenance, resilience and sustainable growth.

Rob Steir

Rob is a pioneering entrepreneur with program development expertise for SDGs. He is a co-founder of a waste-to-energy company, and a co-founder in a non-profit, the Commitments Accelerator for Plastic Pollution (CAPP.global). He is also the main author of a report funded by the UN about plastic waste. Rob is driven by his passion and commitment to finding solutions to the world's waste and plastic challenges.

Scott Laskowski

Scott is a serial entrepreneur and the Founder and CEO of OrganiLock. At a time when fertilizer supply and sustainability has become a hot topic – and global food supplies are at risk – Scott has developed a revolutionary approach to regenerate unproductive soil without the use of synthetic chemicals by recycling problem waste from the lumber and meat industries. His company “is now focused on expanding the use of their technologies internationally to solve waste stream problems, rehabilitate farmlands, and play a role in feeding the growing world population.”

and Partners:

The Grenada Solid Waste Management Authority and OrganiLock, a U.S. agricultural technology company

The Grenada Solid Waste Management Authority (GWSMA) is responsible for providing waste management services in Grenada. Its mission is to improve the Quality of life of the Grenadian public and the protection and enhancement of the environment through the provision of effective management, and an efficient, reliable, and acceptable solid waste service.

OrganiLock is a U.S-based OEM (original equipment manufacturer) that has developed new regenerative Ag technology. Its proprietary machines process and combine fish and chicken waste streams and carbon-rich biomass waste to create organic soil fertilizer products. OrganiLock has created the solution for two major problems in the world's food industry: to use the massive excess waste from the animal farm industry to treat the massive soil nutrient deficit in our row crop industry.

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